Fat girl problems

So today I wore an amazing tunic. It was bright and looked amazing.

I felt good in it and thats what matters when dressing in plus size clothing.

I have however one gripe.

I have no boobs. Typically as dresses go up in size the bust also increases to cater for growth.

However Im odd. No matter how large I have gotten (yes currently at my highest weight) my boobs are still a C cup. I wish just once I could fill a nice dress without my butt to boob ratio being completely out of whack.

Please tell me Im not alone!!!

❤ Morgan


Chest missing clevage 😉


Parenting With a Broken Heart

In today’s society there is so many parenting options which is something I love. I love my children just like every other parent and we all want the best for our children naturally.

As a teacher it is very easy to determine a parenting style from the child (not going into details). I am surrounded by wonderfully parents of all ages, all using different methods.

I recently have spent more time observing parenting styles in their entirety and I am left shocked. I have seen beautiful young people turn into violent kids punching and hitting with no remorse and this breaks my heart. Some simply have no concept of control or how to handle emotions others have spent to much time playing video games or watching action heros fighting. Little kids are frail and fighting can do some pretty serious damage. It kills me to know its happening so close to me and breaks my heart that my own children no longer want to play with them.

I am a strong believer in following through no matter your parenting belief or style we owe it to our children to be consistent for them to understand this great big world.

Every family is different and every situation is different but we owe it ourselves and our children to guide their journey in the right direction.

With a broken heart


Birthday Wishlist

So with 23 days left till my birthday people keep asking that dreaded question…
‘What would you like for your Birthday?’

I mean I love how much they care but it is always slightly awkward. I am very conservative in my suggestions  and ideas.

However my mind always has its unrealistic desires so here are my Birthday gifts that I would love to recieve however would never ask family or friends to purchase  A girl is totally allowed to dream 😆


Clockwise from top left

1. Mimco Gold Earrings
2. Nyata
designs sparkly goodness

3. Mimco Slipper
4. Frankie4
5. GUESS laser cut tote

6. The Adorn Collective necklace
And to top of the unrealistic desires


Im dreaming of a Jayco Eagle

I hope you enjoyed dreaming with me.

Holidays and Conditional Love

I haven’t blogged much of recent 😦
I have really been stuck in a bad place. Between work, friends and kids the stress of the past few weeks has really gotten to me.

So I decided to break the routine and duck away for the weekend. A quick an easy getaway is Mount Tambourine.

I quickly decided to head off to Thunderbird Park and stay at Cedar Creek Lodges.

It was a beautiful weekend that really allowed me to disconnect (especially  with no reception).

The kids had plenty of fun from horse riding,  mini golf, rock pools to egg fossicking.

The highlight of the trip had to be when I slipped down the path to the mine while holding Miss A’s hand. Parenting win I didn’t pull her down with me, however the sight of my scraped leg was enough to scare her. Her love for me is conditional, I must have all skin intact or she will not have a bar of me.

For the rest of the weekend I was ordered to wear long pants and cover my battle scars.

Here are some snapshots from the weekend.


Typical Tourist Shot


Off to ride the pony


Chilling at the rock pools


Mini Golf


View from our cabin


❤ Morgan

First Fancy Friday Wrap Up

Yesterday was our first ‘Fancy Friday’ style challenge over on Instagram.

It was great to see a small amount of people get behind it and support us.

Use the hashtag #momofancyfriday to check it out for yourself and I hope to see more people joining in next week !!!

Here are some pics from Instagram






See you on Instagram next week!!!

❤ Morgan

RIMMEL Review Provocalips

I recently stumbled upon a new lip product (new in my eyes). I am always looking for new lip colours because apparently im hooked.

As a parent I am always looking for a sturdy, long lasting lip colour thay most importantly DOESNT smudge.

I was pretty impressed with my find!!!
The Rimmel Provocalips Range is amazing.

Here is my play sesh with my two new shades. As you can tell I had to wait until the kids were asleep. Who else do you know that blogs in their pjs???


Application is easy. STEP 1 – Colour first (I had to let it dry before step 2) STEP 2 – Gloss coat.

It has a nice feel on, smooth not too matte or sticky.

So I then had to attempt to smudge it to see its real potential


The nude has smudge a little however the reddy pink (yes my colour chart is great) refused to smudge.

Even after smudging the colours remained strong and vibrant. This is a great all round product. Im super impressed!!!


The shades I have added to my collection and played with are
700 Skinny Dipping
200 I’ll Call You

Currently on sale at
Priceline Australia

❤ Morgan

Twin Doctor Troubles

Over the past few days Miss A has been quite sick. Which has really got me thinking.

If I had to pick one thing I have done at the highest frequency since  becoming a parent is the dreaded ‘doctors trip’.

I swear they should offer frequent flyer points 😉

In this process I have established the best/worst comments from my many trips…

1. You shouldn’t bring your baby to the doctors they might get sick (ahh well where else should I take them?)
2. Oh so they’re twins (nope, clones)
3. How do you tell them apart (Usually by their names)
4. Oh they’re abit bouncy  ( I had them freshly inflated just for you)
5. So how do they sleep? (Usually with their eyes closed in a bed)
6. Do I look like Im going to hurt you? (Well frankly your a big official looking person holding tools up to a little kid, it probably appears that way to them)

I do appreciate everything doctors do for us even when they cant twll which child they are treating!

Feel free to comment any of your fav memories from doctors trips!


Kid Free Mature Fun

Being kid free is such an exciting experience once you reach parenthood. It is even better than birthdays :p

Since it is school holidays I have a handful of kid free days and friends that also share the freedom of school holiday spare time.

Thursday we ventured in to Southbank again. This time I could eat where I wanted and simply chill. We stayed at Mantra South bank, dined at Nandos, Nitrogenie, Southbank Surf Club and Stone Restaurant.

AND we went on the wheel of Brissy  (thanks groupon) and saw DIRTY DANCING!!!
Here are some of my happy snaps!!!


View from the wheel


Stunning at night


Beautiful Brisbane


Cocktails with a View


The gorgeous South Bank Surf Club


I cant help but love the night view




Wearing Nyata Designs

How do you spend your kid free time?

School Holidays


In order to kick off the holidays with a bang I decided to take the kids away for another mini holiday!!!

This time we returned to Southbank as it simply has so much to offer for the whole family.

Once again we stayed at Rydges and it was superb. The Service desk and concierge go above and beyond. The room service and mini bar are affordable for late night dessert and alcoholic drinks for afyer the kids fall asleep.

Our trip included the train ride in (I swear they were most excited about this), atrolling through the parklands, visiting the current pirate ship, museum exploring, lunch at the art gallery, Gallery of Modern art and the Sciencentre.

I feel truly lucky to live so close to such a special city with so much to offer us ‘somewhat’ locals.

Happy snaps from the trip!!!








Did I miss any good spots at Southbank?

I would love to hear about your family trips!!!

❤ Morgan